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A lesson from a golf legend – Tiger Woods

  • He played with a broken leg and torn ACL at the 2008 US Open and won.
  • He changed his swing in 2002 after winning eight majors because it wasn’t perfect enough.
  • He practices before and after competitive rounds: He was spotted playing in the dark at the 2011 PGA Championship.
  • He continues to spend millions on training and coaching despite all his successes.

This quote about why he plays golf:

“The only reason I enter an event is to win. It’s not to make the cut or finish top 10 or even second. It’s to win the event.”


He sent a motivational text to fellow Nike man Rory Mcllroy during his slump:

“He told me to get my finger out of my ass and win this week”

Maybe he should have said this to over 80% of the real estate agents nationwide!


He’s obsessed with working out. He works out from 2 to 10 hours per day when he’s not golfing.

He keeps a strict diet. He usually eats an egg-white omelet for breakfast.

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So, let’s talk

Many agents out there have an average of 50 listings, and some have more. Why are you satisfied with only having 4 or 5 listings?

Many agents average between 8 to 10 closings per month. Why are you satisfied with 1 and maybe 2 closings per month, if that?

Do you really feel that other agents are simply lucky? Or maybe they are doing something that you are not doing? Now, while I do not expect you to be selling real estate with a broken leg, we can all learn some business ethics from the leaders in the industry. Think about it!