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On April 11 711 AD, an army of 7,000 soldiers under the command of  75 year old Berber general Tariq bin Ziyad crossed the waters of Gibraltar and reached Mons Calpe. In the night, he ordered his entire to conquer Andalus.


WOW! – Imagine the level of commitment, fearlessness, and belief he had in himself and his crew, believing so much in something and denying the possibility of failure.

As crazy as this story may sound, it has a lot to do with the way many real estate agents face their chances in their industry. For example, you might have a college degree, but you cannot find work. You might have a job that you presently hate, or you may be working part-time somewhere but income is not enough. You may have other plans for your life, but now want to try real estate. Guess what?… As long as you have 1 foot in real estate and the other foot somewhere else as a backup plan, there is a good chance that you will NOT succeed.

You need to be ALL IN.

You need to have a good motive in the first place. You will want to get MAD at yourself if you do not make it. This attitude will motivate you to seek the proper training which results in a new you, a “born again” real estate agent. You will be taught what to do and what not to do. With training, you will know the right things to say and rank high in the real estate industry. It is a Do or DIE, my friend 🙂